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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey everyone :3
I'm a Nanotechnology student, and I really like to draw in my free (and less free) time.
I'm currently active on Twitch for streaming, and I will post many of the finished works here for you guys to see ^^
I prefer to sketch and barely ever finished any of my drawings, simply because I'm lazy and get fed up with things to quickly, but I'm trying to change that by streaming and drawing completely digitally :3
I'll be drawing plenty of random characters, fanart, commissions, some comics, and whatever else comes my way. If you'd like to see me draw, come see me on twitch and join the fun!



Emote commission examples
Here are some emote commissions I've done over the past year. Most of these are pretty old by now.
I'm sure you've noticed how well represented the helmet emotes are here... -___-'
After doing them once it kinda spread like wildfire in the communnity there that I was doing these... apparently xD
met lots of new nice people because of it :D
(but sooooooooooo annoying and difficult to make vissible Rage )
I'll upload some more recent emote commissions soon; when I finish the next set ^^
Emote fiddling
I figured I should upload some of the emotes I've done here as an example ^^
These are actually almost a year old by now...I made these last year July when I became Twitch Affiliate.
I tried ot several, and finally I had the community decide which 3 to pick as Twitch emotes. The others are still usable in our Discord server, and recently I made them avaible in our channel via Frankerfacez as well.
I'm actually making new ones for Frankerfacez and Better Twitch TV; these old ones are nice, but my level of emote making has gone up over the past year, and I want to make lots of new, nicer ones :D
We made lots of sketches already on the 24hr celebration stream, but because of several emote commissions, I have not yet got any time to actually work them out (the irony) xD

One of the things i really noticed when trying these, is that it's super hard to make emotes nicely visible, because they're so tiny... I actually tried more than the ones here, but they were pretty 100% not visible -___-'
While trying out several cropped versions of emotes, we also ended up using the smaller and larger versions together. like all 3 pointing emotes; right after eachother to be a bit more in your face, or the world domination emotes together, making it look as if casting some weird magic on the globe, etc..

Well, I hope you like these, and plz look forward to some better emotes from me this month!
Flower Fairy
We started a drawing practice channel!!!
Becasue many people mentioned that they were having trouble keeping up drawing, or even thinking about what the heck to draw in the first place, we decided to start a little practice channel in our Discord server!
The idea is that we think of a daily theme, and that people try to make something for it.
This sketch was my contribution for the 16th, when the theme was "flower"
I had a bit of time left after some commission work, so I doodled this ;P
(wasnt gonna upload cuz there's a lot wrong with it, but I shouldnt be so picky all the time >.>)
Hope you like it ^^
Sketch Redeem: Loki for Taevi
last week somewhere Taevi redeemed a sketch with her Loyalty points. She asked me to draw a character named Loki.
I failed at this miserably four times before drawing this piece xD
so... it took a liiitle bit longer than 15 minutes this time -____-'
I wasnt sure if I should upload this, but oh well.. >.>
here you go xD
Space Kiiteh
I did a little cheer-up sketch for Kirigota at the end of my stream today ^^
The request was a cat with a space helmet, and some purle and black-ish fur xD
Well, drawing animals or spacesuits isnt really my cup a tea, but it looks kinda nice imo :3
Hope you all like it >w<)/
Commission status:

Commission Types

The table below lists the different commission types and options, with prices and approximate time frames. The prices for normal characters and chibis are the same. The only exception is for Twitch Emotes (Info further below), which are always €15,- a piece. All commissions are digital, and the final product is thus a digital file.
You can find example pictures further below and the page.

Commission Table2 by ARHDian

* BG: simple:
a background with simple colours, gradients, patterns and simple shapes.

* BG: complex: anything that requires (placement of a character in) perspective, so real-world backgrounds.

** Extra’s Tax: this is a tax for including very complicated bit that will take a lot of extra time, like complex weapons/props, robotic limbs, elaborate magic circles or effects, extremely complex clothing (almost never), extremely complicated poses (almost never), …
This tax can be very situational;

  • I won’t tax you for a baseball bat, but a very elaborate sword might take more time to draw than the character itself, so that would be taxed.
  • I can easily sketch you a character with wings, but if it needs to become a line-art then it will take significantly more time because all the details need to be exactly right (or it will look like sh*t).
  • I will almost never tax clothing, but if you ask for something ridiculously detailed with a lot of complicated elements, I might have to tax it.
  • If you want a simple pet or mascot I might use the Extra’s Tax. However, if the pet is too detailed (like a dragon or something) it can also count as separate character.

I will only tax you if I’m sure it will take a ridiculous amount of extra time, and I will always tell you beforehand, so you can decide if you want to maybe do something different. Since this also depends on my personal skill level, I may have no trouble at all with some things, but a lot with others, and over time I may change what needs taxing ^^
(In practice, not that many things need taxing, so don’t be scared ;3)

All prices are per character; you can request more characters, but then you will simply have to pay per character. There is no discount for more characters, because drawing more characters in the same picture is actually way more difficult than drawing them separately.
To avoid any possible confusion: if you request an artwork with background, you only have to pay for that once, so never per character or anything like that.
However, the Extra’s Tax is per character that has something extra; if you have 3 characters and 2 of them have some extremely complicated prop, then you will pay the Extra’s Tax for both of those characters, but of course not also for the third one.

Emote Commissions

Twitch Emotes are a special category. They are €15,- a piece, and all these emotes can be used commercially as Twitch Emotes and can also be used on Discord. I'm also willing to make emotes for FFZ and BTTV.
Emotes take a lot of time, mostly because it is difficult to make them nice and visible with their small size. I keep the price for emotes very low; this is my way of supporting my fellow Twitch Affliates and Twitch Partners.

Example Commissions


A relatively finished looking sketch. (The last two examples are traditional media examples, due to lack of nice digital examples)

Thigh-up, Sketch                                  Full-body, Sketch                Thigh-up, Extra's Tax, BG: Complex
Twitch Lanturn redeem by ARHDian    Raven by ARHDian     The Little Robot Programmer by ARHDian

Sketch Colour

These commissions are lightly coloured sketches. There is some quick and simple colouring and hints of shading, but more on a character design level (not super detailed or finished looking).

Thigh-up, Sketch colour, BG: Simple            2x Full-body, Sketch Colour, BG: Complex
Appreciation sketch: 002 for Trife by ARHDian     Some laid back camping by ARHDian


After sketching, the artwork will be inked into a line art. There may be line weight, but not a lot of shading.

Example: 2 full-body characters, Line-art, BG: complex                                       Thigh-up, Line-art, no BG
Calender Project: Summer (line-art, WIP) by ARHDian    Midori by ARHDian


Fully coloured artworks can be either a line-art with blocked-in colour, or in a more painting-like style.

Portrait, Full-colour (special canvas size), no BG    2x full-body, full-colour, BG: complex
Commission: Chibi Zombie avatar by ARHDian     Commission: Love at first scent by ARHDian

Thigh-up, full-colour, BG: complex                       1x Full-body, extra's tax, full-colour, BG: Simple
Commission: Aya - high school girl version by ARHDian     Light from the Shadows by ARHDian

2x full-body, full-colour, BG: Simple                      Full-body, Full-colour, BG: Complex
Bloodborne - Vicar Amelia and the Hunter by ARHDian     Radiant Darkness by ARHDian

Full-body, Full-colour, BG: Complex                      Full-body, Full-colour, BG: Simple
Gamer Girl by ARHDian     More sparkleeeeeeeees!!! by ARHDian

Ink & Tone

Fully finished black and white artwork, with lots of ink and/or screentone shading and patterns (depending on your preferences).

Full-body, Ink & Tone                                 Full-body, Ink & Tone, BG: Simple
Misfit by ARHDian     100 Twitch followers! World Domination is at hand! by ARHDian

Important Info

Things I won't draw:

  •        Lewd/Pornographic images
  •        Gore/extreme violence
  •        Things that would make me uncomfortable drawing...

If you aren't sure, just ask me ;3

Process: from commission request to getting the artwork

  • How to request

    1. You can send me a private message on Discord, Twitch, or here on dA. I would prefer discussing things on Discord, since you can also easily show me pictures for reference.
      Explain to me what you would like me to draw, and if you have any references you can show me. If you can tell me something about the character that also helps (like personality etc), but you don't have to.
    2. I will tell you if I can draw your commission (I have the right to refuse), and I will tell you when I have time (and if there is a waiting list).
    3. I will asses what the commission would really cost (may be cheaper or more expensive than you thought, depending on the details), and sometimes I will give you advice on things I think might be nicer (which colouring style, poses, background, whatever...).
      If during the rough sketching phase you end up deciding you want something slightly different, the price can still change: you might want thigh-up instead of full-body, or add a background after all, etc.
    4. You decide if you want to really request the commission, or if maybe you'd rather not after all, or if you want to change your original idea (you discuss things with me until you're happy).
  • Workflow, payment and final artwork

    1. We work out when I work on your commission:
      I stream all my artwork on Twitch. I would prefer it if you can be present while I make your commission, because I think it usually gives the best results. If you are present while I draw, I can ask for your opion on things, and if I'm interpreting something wrong you can easily tell me.
      I can work on your drawing on whatever day suits you, but I may not always be able to change the time when I work on it.
      If you cannot be present, or don't want to be, I can also work on it without you, and send you the progress after each stream. Then you can comment on it and we can discuss how the artwork needs to develop.
    2. I will usually do several rough sketches.
      If you are happy with the idea of the sketch, we can officially move forward with completing the artwork: it will be difficult to make any big changes after this. Sometimes, you will like a sketch that is different from what you commissioned: If you prefer a composition with a character thigh-up instead of full-body for example, the commission may be cheaper.
    3. I will send you a PayPal invoice.
      After deciding on the final sketch I would like you to pay the invoice. After you have paid, I can move on to finish the artwork. Until you have paid I may work on other projects that require my time.
      Please note that refunds of digital art are not possible. However, if for whatever reason I think I cannot finish the artwork (for example long-term health issues), I will offer you a refund.
    4. I work on the artwork until it is done.
      Some pieces take more time than others, so I can't always tell you exactly when I will be done. I usually draw 3 hours per day, and an artwork doesn't usually take more than a week, and you should have it within the month, but please note that there is no hard deadline.
      I will not usually work an artwork longer than the maximum time listed in the table (way on top of the page). If you want me to do things with the drawing that will make it take significantly longer (sudden changes or lots of extra detail), you can extend the time, but I will charge you by the hour from then onward. This does not usually happen, but if it comes to this I will warn you beforehand. 
    5. I will export the picture, and send you a digital file of the image (I will give you a .png unless you need a different format). I will also upload the file to my social media for my portfolio, unless we have come to a different agreement beforehand.

Canvas Size

The standard canvas size is A4 in 300 or 600 dpi, either in landscape or in portrait mode. If you want a different canvas size, just tell me and it will usually not be an issue. Emotes are an exception and will always be made on a canvas of 112px by 112px, in accordance with the Twitch Emote guidelines.

Image Rights

All these prices are for commissions that are for personal use only, so not for commercial use (except Twitch Emotes). 
I have all the rights to the picture, and you don't have any copyright unless agreed upon otherwise. This also means you are not allowed to modify it (this includes cropping, adding elements, colouring and many more) or copy it in any way without my permission. 
I personally don't mind if you print out the picture once to hang it on your wall, and as long as you credit me and link back to my social media you are allowed to show of the artwork on your own social media.
For anything else, please discuss it with me first. (Don't be afraid to ask ;3)

If you already know you need a commercial license, I would appreciate it if you could discuss this beforehand, but you can in principle buy a license later. If you want something made that I cannot upload for my portfolio, you will obviously need to tell me before we start as well.

You got through the wall of text!
Time to get those commission vibes going >w<)/


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Is request open
ARHDian Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Free requests are not open at the moment, but commissions are.
You can however come to the twitch channel and collect points by just viewing the stream and save up points for a sketch ^^
TheWolfBunny Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018
Requests open~?
ARHDian Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Normal requests are not open.
Commisions are open though ^^'
TheWolfBunny Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
Point commissions?
ARHDian Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorta ^^
You automatically get points for viewing the stream (and several other things), and you can use the points to request a simple sketch, basically.
It's never going to be equivalent to a commission, but it's something ;p
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OrangeTwistUp Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Keep up the good work! :)
ARHDian Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
right back at you ;3
JohnnArtRequester Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017
Do you take request? 
ARHDian Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Normally, yes, but requests are closed for a while; I've been swamped with requests lately, and I also still have to do my own projects, so I've had to decide to not take requests for a while T^T
I'll probably do some requests as a change of pace every once in a while; if you want, you can come by my Twitch stream and ask every once in while... ^^'
sorry... Tears 
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